Zahi Hawass, Stepping Down, Up or Over?

There was a new Discovery Channel Special on the Boob-Tube tonight entitled "Atlas Egypt". And, yes, there was a cameo appearance by Zahi Hawass. He was shown arriving at a swank Cairo party hosted by eniGma Magazine. The new issue of the magazine features His Highness and his imminent exodus as al-General of Antiquities. The caption reads -

For one fun, frenetic, weird and wonderful week in September, Enigmas Managing Editor Amy Mowafi got up close and very personal with Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. On the eve of his departure from a post he has lauded over for almost a decade - courting both fame and infamy along the way - this exclusive and in-depth profile unveils the lasting legacy of a man who changed the face of Egyptology and became an Egyptian icon.

Step aside "World's Most Interesting Man"!

Best wishes on your career change. Grow a beard and keep it real my friend!

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