"Uncovering the Nakedness" of the Sphinx
In Response To: Sphinx IV (Oedipus Rex) ()

I added a note to this section of the Sphinx commentary. It reads:

Note: The 2nd Pyramid is directly behind the Sphinx and therefore in the "mating position". The duty of a prince in the role of Horus the Elder was to "uncover the nakedness" of the family Hathor figure. Exposing the body of the Sphinx by clearing it of sand was a symbolic part of that role. It could be compared to Ham exposing the nakedness of his "father" Noah. It was a family tradition (which was sooner or later) considered shameful and embarrassing. Unlike a shamed Godfather, the shame of a Godmother was apparently borne with great pride, at least privately. The royal Hathor figure was something of a female Messiah, a woman willing to sacrifice herself (and be rekoned accursed) for the salvation of her family/people.