Redating the Start of the Dynastic Era
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There is a lot more material on the web than several years ago related to ancient meteorite strikes, comet showers, volcanic eruptions, and the like. See the links below. There is still no consensus (as far as I can tell) as to which source of disaster caused which specific global disaster (in years 3200, 2345, 1628, and 1159 BC). The 2345 BC event was probably caused by the meteorite strike leaving a crater near the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The Thera/Santorini eruption was probably responsible for either the 1628 or 1159 BC catastrophe. An eruption on Iceland (Hekla) may have been responsible for the other event. I don't see any discussion on the web linking meteror strikes with the triggering of eruptions.

In any event, the 1159 BC catastrophe doesn't seem incompatible with the start of the dynastic era in Egypt. It was the last global catastrophe for almost a thousand years and therfore certainly a candidate for "dynastic reboot" regardless of the exact cause.

If 1159 BC (+/- a few years) is the magic number, then obviously there was a considerable amount of human activity in the Near East prior to the start of the dynastic period, and as evidenced from pottery finds in many places. But, again, why should that be a problem for redating the Egyptian Old Kingdom?

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