Beginning of the Dynastic Era
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If Sargon was one and the same as Pepi/E-annatum, then the "Alternate Chronology" posted in Chart 14 is the one we now need to work from.

That chart needs to be updated based on my recent posts, but the date of 1159 BC for the Flood event marking the beginning of the Dynastic Era does not change. It is based on a known meteorite strike that radically effected Near Eastern climate. See the following discussion:

In this radical reconstruction Sargon represents the return (with a vengeance) of the line of Narmer/Nimrod, and after as little as one generation. The true father of Pepi/Sargon emerges as the Egyptian king Sahure, who was typecast as a neo-Enlil ("Asher") in Mesopotamia and referred to in Genesis 6 as "Ashur". See the following posts:

An interesting aspect of this reconstruction is that the advanced civilization at Thera/Santorini destroyed by the eruption of circa 1390 BC would then pre-date dynastic Egypt by more than two hundred years. Based on the comparison of pottery styles (found at Thera and in Egypt), the Thera eruption has been placed in the reign of Thutmose III in Egypt. This assessment is invalidated and other explanations must be sought for any similarity of pottery in these two widely separated periods. The reign of Thutmose III would have been many centuries after the Thera eruption (and the pottery of Thera/Santorini found buried under the volcanic ash).

Egyptologists claim there is no archaelogy to support a pre-dynastic civilization in Egypt. However, it is now obvious that there is abundant archaeology. Structures interpreted as belonging to (built in) the early dynastic period were actually constructed in the centuries that preceded it and re-adapted for use in the dynastic period.