New National Geo Specials

New shows have been airing this week as part of the Egypt Unwrapped series. Next airings are (EST):

Secrets of the Sphinx

Sun 27 Sep @ noon
Mon 28 Sep @ 5 pm

The Pyramid Code

Sun Sep 27 @ 11 am
Mon Sep 28 @ 4 pm

The Real Ramses

Tues Sep 22 @ 9 pm
Wed Sep 23 @ midnight
Sat 26 Sep @ 6 pm
Sun 27 Sep @ 3 pm
Tues 29 Sep @ 5 pm

Race to Bury Tut

Tues Sep 22 @ 8 pm
Sat 26 Sep @ 5 pm
Sun Sep 27 @ 2 pm
Tues Sep 29 @ 9pm

I thought Race to Bury Tut was very good.

Also enjoyed Secrets of the Sphinx. Robert Temple was not mentioned, no surprise there! Instead, they featured Colin Reader, who also thinks that the Sphinx predates the Great Pyramid and originally had a lion head rather than human. A lion with a lion head. Brilliant!

The Pyramid Code is pure Egyptology propaganda. Likewise the show on Ramses the Great doesn't offer anything new, but the eye candy is always worth watching. Enjoy!