Before the Break of Church and State

Here's an author that took a hard look at human nature and the history of the use and abuse of power.

The Lucifer Principle A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History,M1

Downloadable copy:

Also by Howard Bloom:
Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century.

Note the emphasis on the Islam-Christian conflict. I haven't read the book, but it has drawn criticism from Islamic groups. See, It isn't clear whether Christian groups consider the book to be equally damning (and therefore offensive) toward them.

I'm not finding much objective commentary or discussion on the web of Bloom's books.

I suspect the use of psychological mumbo-jumbo hinders the process of debate. I prefer "case studies", that is, reconstructing what those in power have actually been doing over the past several thousand years!

We humans are reluctant to challenge accepted beliefs and power structures. We seem to instinctively know that this is a generally "bad idea" (in terms of social consequences). Scientists are supposed to be exempt from these social pressures, but of course we know that they are not.

Howard Bloom is not to be confused with Harold Bloom and his fictional work, The Flight to Lucifer