Seljuks and Mongols
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It should now be clear that Genghis Khan was not unique. The idea of bringing an army from the east to conquer the west goes back at least as far as Gudea. The concept is also featured in the Book of Revelation. The Seljuk Empire was one of the more successful examples.

The capture of Baghdad by Toghrl in 1055 set a precedent for the later Khans. Although Hulagu Khan was not the most dominant descendant of Genghis Khan, his capture of Baghdad came with the expectation that the Byzantine throne would be next.

"Michael VIII had selected his illegitimate daughter Maria Despina Palaiologina, who was dispatched in 1265, accompanied by the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch Euthymius. Since Hulagu died before she arrived, she was instead married to Hulagu's son, Abaqa. He received her hand in marriage when he was installed as Ilkhan. When Hulagu's wife Doquz Khatun died in 1265 as well, the role of spiritual leader transferred to Maria, who was called "Despina Khatun" by the Mongols."

Katun was also a queenly name/title during the ealier Bulgarian dynasty.