Tombs of Abraham
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An additional chamber has been discovered in the tomb of Djehuty/Abraham (TT11) in Western Thebes. Djehuty names his parents in this chamber, however the actual names have yet to be released by the excavators.

TT11 was not the final resting place of Djehuty/Abraham. According to the Biblical account, Abraham buried Sarah (mother of Isaac/Thutmsose III) in a more privileged tomb in the Valley of the Kings/"Machpelah" (KV39). Abraham was later given a kingly burial beside her instead of in his tomb among those of the nobles.§ionid=3510212
(Many more web pages devoted to this discovery and the tomb, google: luxor tomb djehuty hatshepsut

Project Djehuty web site:

Sarcophogus found outside the tomb of Djehuty:

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