Joseph and Set/Baal

The 12th Dynasty Vizier Montuhotep ("Montu/Seth is Appeased") is a curious name for someone so strongly placed in a Joseph/Ptah role. Later in Egyptian history we also find another Joseph figure that is also clearly and closely associated with the cult of Seth/Baal, namely Yuya, who was encorportaed into the composite Joseph story in Genesis, but also appears more uniquely in the Book of Kings as the Baal worshipping Omri father of Ahab.

The link between Joseph and Seth/Baal appears to have originated in the early Old Kingdom with the triumph of Seth-Peribsen (Biblical Japheth) in Egypt:

Why this early Joseph figure chose to identify with Seth is not entirely clear (but we now have a few theories, see the above links). Regardless, it would have set a precedent for later Joseph figures to follow.