Abraham as Pharaoh?

In the on-line book I concluded that Abraham had held the status of pharaoh and heir apparent ("eldest son") as a very young prince, but was muscled out by more aggressive "brothers". Later in life he made a legendary military and political comeback and once again played a role in kingly succession.

Here are the cartouches of 17th Dynasty pharaohs, which include Senakhtenre Tao ("Terah") and Sekhemre Sematawy Djehuty-a'a (the likely pharaonic idenitity of "Abram" before his defeat in Mesopotamia and demotion).

The title of a research paper on two 17th Dynasty stela seems to be confusing Sekhemre Djehuty-a'a with Seqenenre Ta'a.

H. Jacquet-Gordon "Two Stelae of King Seqenenre Djehuty-aa of the Seventeenth Dynasty"

Here is another archaeological find associated with the 17th Dynasty Djehuty that I did not previously know about:

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