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There are a couple of other recent Biblical reconstructions by religious fanatic types, which were also inspired by the works of Velikovsky, James and Rohl.

'Solving the Exodus Mystery' by Ted Stewart was the product of what the author calls a "crisis of faith". He states (p 361), "The more I studied the Exodus Problem the more confused I became. In 1978 I began to pray fervently to my Heavenly Father to open my mind and strengthen my heart and faith to find a solution to this perplexing problem". This book actually contains much useful information if one can ignore the occasional religious interjection by the author, who claims in the end that he has vindicated the Bible as Divine Truth!

For example, Stewart lists 14 parallels between Biblical Joseph and Mentuhotep, the only named Vizier of Middle Kingdom pharaoh Senusret I. However, he ultimately rejects Mentuhotep as the historical Joseph, saying (p 95), "Mentuhotep was a confessed 'prophet of Mat [goddess of Truth]' and 'prophet of Horus,' two different Egyptian gods. Joseph was a prophet of the one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It is inconceivable that Joseph would have called himself the prophet of two different Egyptian gods." Although the author freely admits that various of Joseph's descendants became "apostate" worshippers of Egyptian gods, especially Ra, Joseph was not!

Of course, the story of the Patriarchs was based on real-life ancient royalty and was only "sanitized" much later. It is possible to find a Joseph figure in every time period of ancient Egypt. Patriarch Joseph of the Bible is a composite of the more significant royal prime ministers that sought to emulate archetypal Joseph, the god Ptah (Ea/Enki of Mesopotamia).

'Riddle of the Exodus' by James Long seeks to demonstrate an Exodus event at the end of the Egyptian Old Kingdom. This book is written from a observant Jewish perspective. It is again a useful reference if one can get past the blatant bias of the author. As we have learned, the first Exodus was associated with the "Great Flood" that preceded the dynastic period (Old Kingdom) in Egypt. The Moses figure of that flood was the god Re/Ra. The end of each dynastic period kingdom (Old, Middle, New) was precipitated by an extreme climatic condition (either too much water or too little) and resulted in high death rates and forced emigration. In emulation of the Mythological Age, the royal family produced a Moses figure to orchestrate the withdrawal of people as the royal court was being relocated from Egypt back to Mesopotamia.

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