CAT Scans of Tut Re-Evaluated at Manchester U.
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A professor at the University of Manchester, Dr. David Counsell (PhD in Biomedical Egyptology), made an indepedent study of the Tut CAT Scans. Ancient Egypt magazine published his article in their Oct/Nov 2008 issue (Vol 9.2). I downloaded it from the following web site:

The article is located on pages 35-40 of the issue.

Counsell disagrees with the conclusions of the National Geographic team. He believes there is evidence of trauma not only to the legs but also to one side of the abdomen and to the head.

All three are essential elements of the "Christ Passion". With Jesus, a beating about the head was symbolized with the crown of thorns. He was of course also pierced in his side. The Gospel account specifically mentions that the legs of Jesus were not to broken. This element of the story was deliberately modified (and for the reason noted in the post above):

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