Temujin and John: Timeline

1162 Birth of Philip, fifth son of Henry II king of England and Queen Eleanor

1162 Birth of Timujin (future Genghis Khan)

1166 (or 1167) Philip renamed John (on Christmas Eve). Raised as a future Prester by the nuns of Fontevrault.

1173 John offered as husband to Alice daughter of Count Humbert of Maurienne (of strategic importance between Italy and Germany).
Johns elder brother the Crown Prince Henry (The Young King) protests the marriage and rebels.

1174 The Princes rebellion is put down. John is granted castles and income in England, Anjou, Normandy, Touraine and Maine.

1176 John is engaged to his cousin Harwise/Isabel heiress of William, Earl of Gloucester.

1177 John is considered for kingship in Ireland with Hugh de Lacy as regent.

1178 Timujen marries Borte daughter of Dei-sechen.

1180 John is sent to rule Iceland.

1183 John is granted Aquitaine but his brother Richard refuses to hand it over.

1185 John is offered the kingship of Jerusalem by Patriarch Heraclius. John is instead knighted and sent to rule Ireland by his father. John returns frustrated to England by the end of the year.

1187 Saladin captures Jerusalem.

- - - - - -
1189 Death of Henry II and succession of Richard the Lionhearted in England. John marries Harwise and is honored by Richard.
1189 Timu-jin declared a Khan in Mongolia.

1190 Jamuka defeats Timu-jin but alienates the Mongol people.

1191 Richard offers his sister in marriage to Saladin.

1192 Richard, disguised as the merchant Hugo, is captured by Leopold cousin of the German Emperor on his way home from the Holy Lands. Richard is not ransomed until February of 1194 partly due to the conspiring of John and Philip.

1195 Richard is reconciled to John.

1196 Timujin assists Torghil/Toghrul (Ong Khan) in raiding the Tartars/Tatars.

1197 Timujin defeats and absorbs the Jurkin tribe into his own tribe.
1197 Richard lobbies to have his nephew Otto IV elected Holy Roman Emperor.

- - - - - -
1199 Death of Richard at age 41. Coronation of John on Ascension Day.

1200 Treaty of Le Goulet between John and Phillip of France. Johns niece Blanche marries Luis (Lewes) Dauphin of France. Prince Arthur receives Brittany.

1201 King John quietly puts away his first wife (cousin) Harwise of Gloucester. Coronation in March (Easter) of Johns new wife Isabel of Angouleme.
1201 Timujin is helped by Ong Khan in defeating Jamuka and his tribe, the Tayichiud. Timujin is wounded by an arrow to the neck, but becomes heir apparent to Ong Khan.

1202 Timujin defeats the Tartars again by direction of Ong Khan. Tartars absorbed into the tribe of Timujin.
1202 Philip of France moves on Johns Continental domains. Queen Eleanor is rescued (August) at Mirebeau with the help of William des Roches. Prince Arthur is taken prisoner.

1203 Timujin reorganizes his army in the manner of ancient Athenian Cleisthenes.
1203 William des Roches defects. Philip renews aggression against John. King John secretly executes Arthur on the eve of Good Friday.

1203 Ong Khan betrays Timujin.

1204 Fall of Constantinople to the Franks. Death of Queen Eleanor in England.
1204 Fall of Normandy to Philip of France. Otto IV deposed in Germany.

- - - - - -
1204 Timujin counters with a Lightening Advance and Ong Khan is killed in flight. Tayang Khan and Jamuka are also eventually killed. Their tribes, the Kereyid, Naiman, and Merkid are absorbed by Timujin.

1206 Temujin adopts the name Genghis (Chinggis), creates the Mongol Great Law, usurps the role of head shaman from Teb Tengeri.
1206 King John invades France and imposes a new treaty on Philip of France. Johns daughter Joan marries Llewellyn of Wales.

1207 Subjection of Siberia by Jochi.

1208 Defection of Jurched/Cathay (northern Chinese) officials to Genghis.
1208 Assassination of Philip of Swabia. Otto IV restored as Emperor.

1209 Marriage of Jochi to the daughter of the Uighur Khan. Subjection of the Tangut tribe.
1209 King John imposes the treaty of Norham on William of Scotland. John forms marriage alliance with Raymond of Toulouse.

1210 Death of the Golden Khan of the Jurched. Genghis refuses homage to the new Golden Khan, a boy-king. Genghis is advised to invade China but delays.
1210 John subdues Ireland.

1211 The Khitan tribe defects from the Jurched to Genghis. Genghis appoints Yelu Chucai ruler of the Khitan.

- - - - - -
1212 King John makes a pact with the Pope.
1212 Conquest of China begins by Genghis.

1213 Conquest of China assured.
1213 Prior to Ascension Day, King John publicly cedes England to the Pope and receives it back again five (Horus) days later. Philip of France forms alliance with Frederick of Germany, son of the former Emperor, against John. Llewellyn of Wales revolts.

1214 Conquest of China completed with surrender of the Golden Khan and marriage of Genghis to a Chinese princess.
1214 John invades France and captures Angiers. John decides to retreat to La Rochelle rather than engage the army of the Dauphin. Otto is defeated at Bovines by Philip. The Pope arranges a truce between Philip and John. John returns to England.

1215 Magna Carta signed in England by King John (while John writes the Pope to annul it). Frederick elected Emperor.

1216 Invasion of England by the Dauphin of France. King John dies, i.e., secretly abdicates. The Pope supports the succession of his son Henry III.

1227 Death of Genghis Khan after conquering nearly all of Asia and dividing it amongst his sons. Genghis grandson Kublai Khan will become Emperor of China during the reign of his uncle Henry III in England.

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