Shakespeare's "Little Big John"

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm planning to make a few more "resolutions" in the coming year. Over the holidays I've been looking at Shakespeare's historical play, King John. This one is another amazing study. King John, signer of the Magna Carta, was supposedly poisoned by a disgruntled monk, who also drank from the same cup in order to deceive the king. King John was persecuting the monasteries (although not quite to the extreme of the later Henry VIII). However, as mentioned in a previous post, King John under duress skipped the country with as much loot as he could carry off and left England to be ruled by his son Henry III.

King John had by that time already been honored by an "Ascension Day" to a far more lofty throne in the East. It was not King John that was found buried in his coffin (opened centuries later), but a very large monk. John's exit from England was staged. There is surprisingly also strong typecasting (as well as plot detail and vocabulary) in Shakespeare's play King John that confirms the conclusion of a deliberate "Exodus" by John to his Oriental throne.

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