Joseph's Bones and Blessings of His Tomb

The feature article of the latest (Winter 2008/9) KMT Journal is called "Royal In-Laws: Yuya and Thuya".

Despite the forty prestigious titles held by Yuya, including Prince, Father-of-the-God, Master-of-the-Horse, First-Among-the-King's Companions, etc., etc., the author of the article agrees with early Egyptologist Gaston Maspero that Yuya and Tuya/Thuya were private persons and had no influence over the pharaonic state.

Of course, this is laughable. Yuya was the 18th Dynasty Joseph, who wielded almost absolute power over the royal family and the empire as possessor of kingly "birthright".

The article also asserts, "If anything, Yuya's commanding profile would suggest Semitic ancestry .." A foreign origin of Yuya is however dismissed due to the lack of any non-Egyptian items in the tomb (KV 46). There is no mention of the research and books of Ahmed Osman, who made the original assocation of Yuya with Patriarch Joseph of the Bible and noted the unconventional variations of his name as written on tomb objects. While the article includes excellent photographs, diagrams and facts, the analysis is (at best) another example of scholarship performed in a vacuum.

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