"The Queen's Tragedy"
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Hmmm, Shakespeare characters are as inbred as the royal family itself!

Remember my story? I was impregnated by my own father Yuya and brother Aye, then produced children through my own sons Akhenaten and Sena'a/Osorkon, one of which was sacrificed (Ay the Younger/Sheshonq II) to the jealousy of his half-brother (Iuput). The two others (Smenkhkare and Tut) all but dismantled me in their own pursuit of glory.

Think of the split personality of Tamora/Lavinia as Elizabeth in her own ordeal of siring sons out of wedlock and being figuratively (if not literally) raped and mutilated by the ambitions of those sons (2 out of 3 at least), and also ruling under the dark shadow of an oppressive, demanding father (Henry VIII) who had killed her own mother and in a sense also killed any hope she may have had for a normal, satisfying life.

If that ain't Goth, what is?

In the accounting of the play King Lear, Elizabeth is one part devoted daughter (Cordella) and two parts willful and wanton woman (Regan and Gonoril). Yet, at the very end of the play the bad Besses have departed and only the good one remains to finally receive praise from her long-dissatisfied father. Can we call this condemnation or redemption for Elizabeth and Henry VII? Or is it once again the ambivalence of the Shakespeare Brand and reluctance to make clear moral judgments? How about some more of this Gothic Romance?

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