From Bush League to Obama's Nation
In Response To: Sexy Sarah-Patra ()

This just in from the Holy Oracle of the Redskins:

After eight years as the flunkey of "W", John McCain even pronounces "Amurricuns" just like the White Hoss. Still, First Citizen McCain was gracious and human once more in defeat, thereby becoming almost likable again ala Al Gore. So, what-a-ya-say, let's bury the ol' hatchet (job) and offer all the best to Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber in future campaigns.

Our President-elect was not the least bit overwhelmed by the big moment, and so little so that his acceptance speech sounded more like a winning night at the Academy Awards.

Meanwhile, Pat Robertson drooled over Obama's magnetism and suggested that Christians now get hitched to the Democratic bandwagon.

Congratulations to minorities everywhere. I know you won't mind dealing with the big mess that the vanishing majority is bequeathing to you. That's what's so great about true Amurricuns.

Goodnight from Chicago, long-time home of the New School of Journalism, where we don't concern ourselves with the facts, but only with the higher calling of influencing opinion.

God Bless America, and Where the Heck is Osama?

P.S. Bury us at Broken Arrow, beyond the Great Nyukeler Divide.