The End of the World Again

While we're on the subject of 'Doom and Gloom' and the death of the 'Free Market', the History Channel recently re-aired an episode of the Lost Worlds series called 'City of Armageddon'.

It's an excellent program. A couple of more airings are coming up in case you missed it.

I only have one criticism ... or maybe two. How can you tell the history of Armageddon without mentioning its basis in Myth and therefore its significance as a repeating typological event. The "End of the World" for the so-called gods was marked by the epic battle of Horus the Elder and Set/Seth, which took place at Har Megiddo/Armageddon. The beginning of a new age of mortal kingship was later associated with the acquiescence of Set/Seth to another Horus (Horus the Younger).

So, if you were an enterprising mogul and wanted to initiate a new age of your own making, why not stage a battle at the very site of ancient Har Megiddo, "Showdown Mountain", or "Hill of Troop Gathering", a place apparently dedicated to the archetypal usurper Gad/Anu/Cain? What better place to establish yourself as a new Satan that everyone accepts as a new Messiah! Or how about deliberately losing a battle at that location in order to transform yourself from a dynastic dead end into a Horus the Elder figure destined to become father of the next (younger) Horus? Is that what Josiah had in mind when he "foolishly" ambushed pharaoh Neco at that very spot and got himself killed?

Ancient history was most useful to those who had the ability to make it anticipate their arrival on the world stage. And what about today? Are we making one bright future or many more dark ages?