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I love all of Joyce Tyldesley's books. She makes the case for the father-daughter relationship of Marc Antony and Cleopatra without even realizing it! There is a lot of really great information in her latest book on other topics as well, such as Juba II.

On the Eve of this Presidential election, I'm sure the rest of the world is not too broken up over America getting knocked down a notch. Yet, the world is still not very far removed from the Royal Age, so maybe we expect too much from American Democracy. It is ironic that the limited success of American Democracy to date has been due to a complete misunderstanding of ancient democratic models in Greece and Rome. But, naivety is no longer the answer or even an option. Whatever commitment to ideals and aversion to Old World corruption that existed at the time of the U.S. Constitution is pretty much gone. It's not about the Jeffersons but the Benjamins now. We can no longer claim, "we know not what we do".

Good luck everyone with your voting or abstention as it may be. Don't start the revolution without me!

Hail to the Redskins!

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