Sarah Palin and Cleopatra

The audacity of Ptolemy XII/Marc Antony in mocking Greco-Roman mores by marrying his own daughter, and later the audacity of his kinsman Octavius in desiring to parade her through Rome as an exotic trophy of foreign conquest! It is difficult to get over the shock that the royal family was still playing these elaborate games on a world stage (and getting away with it) so late into the Classical Age (and would continue to do so right through the Christian Era).

It is almost as hard to believe that people today are just as gullible. The American political system is totally broken, yet we still think that a Presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat, can bring about any meaningful change in the world's collision course with disaster. Does the rise of a minority or a woman as President mark the abandonment of a country by the gods of the day? If history is our teacher, then the center of power will always seek a shift to the most advantageous place (for world exploitation). Those who know history are destined to have the privilege of repeating it (and for their own good).

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