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Too bad Theodore didn't get to pitch in a game 4 against the Dodgers!

Yeah, it should be pretty obvious that leadership of the Goths was provided by the express consent of the Commissioner of Baseball (and every other kind of ball) in Constantiknowball.

The first Empress named Theodora wasn't mentioned in the posts above. She was the daughter of the Western Emperor Maximian and became the stepmother of Constantine the Great. Constantine's actual mother Helen was called the daughter of an Inn Keeper, which was a nice way of saying Constantine's daddy (Constantius Chlorus) found her in a brothel. She had to be put away in favor of the high class Lady Theodora. Nevertheless Constantine still gained the succession. Sound suspicious?

Helen was the traditional queen name and not Theodora. I would be very surprised to learn that Helen and Theodora were not two sides of the same coin. Theodora's former seedy reputation and transformation into a proper empress would have provided the precedent for the later Theodora (wife of Justinian). Also, as in the earlier history, Theodora would have been daughter of the de facto Western Emperor Theodoric (corresponding to the earlier Western Emperor Maximian).

I'm not sure where we go from here. I think I would like the pursue the notion of Leo representing the line of a neo-Jesus and the descendants of Theodosius II as a neo-John. Recall that Nerva of the Jesus line gave way to Trajan and Hadrian of the John line. I suspect that Justinian and his son Justin II functioned as a neo-Trajan and neo-Hadrian. Heraclius may have represented the return of the Jesus line of Leo. So, we'll see about that.

Also, we now have the background to analyze Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, which involves intermarriage between Goth and Roman royalty.

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