... Speaking of Ahmed Osman

The work of Ahmed Osman was so far ahead of its time, it can only now be featured on the SciFi Channel! Ahmed has written to say,

"I have been interviewed by Bruce Burgess of Bluebook Films for the first part of a TV series entitled Relic Quest. The program will be shown on SCIFI channel, and my interview about Moses and Akhenaten will be the first part to be shown on January 7, 2009 for one hour."

According to SCI FI Channel sources,

"Traveling to Cairo, Egypt, Burgess attempts to solve the riddle of who Moses really was and to unravel the true story of what happened on Mount Sinai."

"'RelicQuest' fits perfectly with the kind of investigative reality programming viewers enjoy on SCI FI proven by the success of our original series 'Destination Truth'," said Dave Howe. "It explores the mysticism and mythology of legendary artifacts rooted in real history and set in fascinating locales."

Beam Moses up to my TV Scotty!