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Irie "Rump" Shakur! Wanna be da Pappa, you can be da Mom. Tanks, I be tryin to make Domain-O-Man an F1 Marley Bobsled wordy of old King Sol-o-Mon. But sometime it seem like all we got is Mary & Jane.

I was a Pasta-farian in me yoonger Ways. Was gonna have a big plate of spaghetti ya know for Columbus Day, but heard ol Columbo ware no Italiano. No worries doh, the Pope's no Italiano needer. Word is "He be Jermmin"!

Roman poet Martial summed up the meanin of Attalus right:,M1

Attulus was mostly the Joseph type with a bit-o ben Judah mixed in, kind of like mad King Theseus of Athens in Attica. Attalus was a hard-driving, ever-striving usurper of another mon's place - self-consumed, and ultimately self-consuming. Biblical Joseph was bound to get dat "birthright", scat-a-scat-scat.

The root att/add means "to increase" and Joseph was all about increasin. Related Hebrew names/words are Addar, Adiy, and Adiyr, with meanings of "advance, ample, abundant, large vine, threshing, magnificent, glorious, honorable, excellent, lordly, goodly, adorned, etc". But att/add is also related to Adad/Atti/Dod, the "god" Judah. The name Attila is defined as, "little father", a direct association with Dod/Daddy. In the Amarna Tablets the future pharaoh Aye son of Yuya was called Rib-Addi.

To catch the flow of Attalus some-mo, someting else we gotta know. Attalus was a major dude in the time of Alexander the Great. He arranged for his neice (adopted daughter) to marry Philip II, so an heir could be produced to replace Alexander!! Once Alexander succeeded Philip, he had Attalus walk the plank. Even so, the line of Attulus evidently did not end. As "Attalus of Tias" he was father of two prominent sons. The elder allied himself with Lysimachus (one of the Successors of Alexander), but felt threatened by the wife of Lysimachus (Joseph and Potiphera style?) and switched his alliance to Seleucus. Seleucus then defeated Lysimachus and the line of Attalus became kings of the ultra-rich Jo-Jo city of Pergamum.

The claim to fame of the first Attalus king of Pergamum was his victory over the Gauls. This later became the dying mission of Attila the Hun. The Attalus kings fought against Greek kings, especially another Philip (the Fifth) of Macedon, but were friends of Rome. Likewise did Attila. The Attalus kings of Pergamum were not democratic leaders but autocrats. So was Attila the Hun. The Attalus kings were devoted to family, which was also a priority of Attila. The Attalus kings were persecuted by their brothers, the descendants of Seleucus. The friends and allies of Attila were very few. His quest to win the west was not blessed.

The other name of Attalus was Priscus. This name again relates to Persia (Persicus). Priscus Attalus got his power by becoming ruler of the Huns in the East. His role model in this regard was not so much the Attalus kings of Pergamum, but a much more recent figure, Julius Priscus, second only to Philip the Arab, Emperor of Rome in the 3rd Century BC. Julius Priscus came to power after the demise of Emperor Gordian. Priscus Attalus rose after the fall of Emperor Gratian (a variant of Gordian). Julius Priscus became king of Persian under the name of Shapur. Priscus Attalus was denied the throne of Persia (by Theodosius, who took the name of Shapur and the throne of Persia for himself). However, Attalus very nearly carried away the kingship of both Persia and Rome with help from the Huns.

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