If the Data Doesn't Fit, They Must Acquit

... or be full of shit!

I watched an old episode of the series “Beyond the Pyramids” about the Abydos boat burials:

Although discovered in 1991, these boats were not carbon dated by 2001 when the Beyond the Pyramids documentary was filmed. Initially it was thought that the Abydos boats were associated with the burial of Pharaoh Khasekhemwy, but now they are considered to have belonged to Aha or some other earlier figure. Presumably carbon dating had something to do with that reassessment, but if the boats were dated, it does not seem to have been published, at least on the Internet.

Evidently carbon dating is now considered irrelevant for ancient boats.

Khufu’s famous boats were dated initially to 3400 BC, which was reconfirmed by a second round of tests.

See interesting commentary on dating the Pyramids by Alan Alford:

However, the official position seems to still be that Khufu’s boats date to 2600 BC (4th Dynasty):