Musings on the Eleventh Year On-Line
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While I'm waiting on the rest of the eleven "disciples" to check in, let me share a few thoughts of my own on the state of the website.

Having a website has been enough to motivate me to continue the core research. The amount of work to maintain the site has been minimal, which means most of the spare time available (after work and family priorities) can be spent on studying and generating new content.

This site has NOT been effective in generating popularity. The web is NOT abuzz with excitement over the discoveries made here! That is disappointing, but at least it is not distracting from doing more research.

The website has helped to generate continued interest in the books of Ahmed Osman, and they continue to be carried by the major bookstores.

It is fairly obvious that mass appeal cannot come from a website alone, but only through traditional publishing - putting a book on the shelf at Borders and Barnes & Noble. The issue then is whether or not the time is right to pursue that. My guess is that it is not time.

The research could be distilled into a popularly written book, however the implications of such a book are just too disturbing. It's not that people can't understand the material, they just don't want to. After a decade on-line, "the people have spoken" to me. They are not looking for solutions to the mystery of our history and religions. They want the mystery and a sense of the sacred in their lives (even at the price of ignorance), at least as long as things don't get too dire and painful. It's a mental and social barrier not a technical one.

So, for the next year and even longer, DomainOfMan will likely continue to be a website for the few and not the many.