Joe Atwill's Big Flush

Joe Atwill asserts, matter-of-fact, that the Shakespeare plays are "Jewish revenge literature". It's dumbfounding, really. I've tried everything short of writing him sonnets in an attempt to redirect his passions, but he's not hearing it. I wish I could just laugh all this off (and it is not without a form of humor), but admittedly I've taken Joe's latest "discovery" very hard. Never saw it coming. But in hindsight there is at least some reasonable explanation.

Caesar's Messiah exposed a new dimension to the anti-Semitic core of the New Testament. Naturally this would eventually attract a Jewish response, and one that Joe was open to. Joe's self-image is as a "successful businessman". See the bio he provides in Caesar's Messiah. He evidently sees Jewish support for Caesar's Messiah as a chance to achieve greater acclaim and awareness of his book. His Jewish promoter "Rodeph Emet" has now been made the moderator of his restored (and private) website forum.

Joe's partnership with John Hudson takes this Jewish connection to the next level. He has followed up last year's play with a new one this year called:

"As You Like It - The Big Flush"

In a short video, Atwill and Hudson try to introduce their collaboration.

In this video, Joe looks like the stuffy Archie Leech and John Hudson comes across like K-K-K-Ken in a Fish Called Wanda.

I'm playing the role of Otto and demanding to know what Archie is doing breaking into his own house.

The only bit evidence to support the theory that is divulged in the interview is that Hudson claims to have found some language in Shakespeare that resembles that used in protest of the Spanish Inquisition. However, even if this were true, it would not prove Jewish authorship of Shakepeare plays. The Spanish Inquistion was exploited eagerly by Protestants in order to smear the Catholic Church and Papal Rome in particular (and thereby promote Protestantism and certain newly Protestant rulers).

By taking a stand against Joe Atwill and John Hudson's Shakespeare claims I actually risk being called anti-Semitic myself. This is the case even though the actual number of Jews that subscribe to Atwill and Hudson's theory is probably extremely small. Let it suffice to say then that my interest is in gaining a more accurate understanding of our common history, not in promoting the special interests of one group or another.