Back from "Vacation"

Hi DomainofMan Fans! It's been a super-extended summer and one much needed.

I will NOT be reopening the forum this fall as usual, but I do intend to continue posting new insights (although at a more leisurely pace than in years past). The forum will function more-or-less as a personal blog for the time being. The Contact Page has been restored, so please use it to email me if you wish.

Over the summer I made a broad survey of the period 100 - 1600 AD. It's way too much to bite off all at once, but a basic outline can be generated that shows critical events and connections that should be explored in any future study.

My fascination with the Shakespeare plays has only grown, and I certainly plan to post more information and analysis on that topic!

The relationship between Byzantium/Contantinople and Rome with Islam is very much unappreciated and not understood. After making an initial investigation, I can say that it is possible to establish this as a brand new line of research. There are many, many excellent new books on Islamic history that make it a much easier task for the arm chair archaelogist! And the most important links can actually be solved by inspection, beginning with the association of Heraclius and Mohammad.