ACTS of Aristobulus III
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I have considered the Julio-Claudians, Herodians, and Pisos, and found that they were the same people, members of one extended royal family. Piso was simply one fake surname that various members of the Roman-Herodian family used. There was no "Piso Conspiracy" per se.

It was business as usual for the royal family. The traditional "divine roles" were handed out and "fulfilled". There was constant maneuvering for dynastic advantage and survival.

All indications are that Aristobulus III did not in his heart-of-hearts believe his own messianic B.S. Perhaps that should be to his credit. Yet, he continued to play the game and work toward the ultimate prize, ascension to the Great Throne. Although he himself came up a little short, his dynastic line (through Josephes/Josephus/Nerva) did not! That is the actual reason he is still worshipped to this day, and not because he was a true reformer.