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Charles, have you explored or consider the following 1st century geopolitical scenario...

The piso family under pressure financially for having expanded beyond its reasonable means to effectively administer...coupled with the displacing of the republic in favor of a return to an empire is vulnerable....

At the same time...the herodian's, based on economic stability created in the shadow of Herod the Great's proficiency as a real estate developer..present a real threat to Rome...not just a regional thorn in the side of Rome.

Our man AIII, grandson of Herod the Great, through Antipater (the Gabriel), is in line to literally ascend to earthly king of kings in the eyes of Jerusalem as a viable nemesis of Rome.....

The stories of the man suggest he received interesting kingly and spiritual training, ...comes into the full realization of the utter futility and inequity of traditional kingship......uses the platform of his pending installation of king of Judea to renounce the system...and reframe "The Way" one of a rejection of the trappings of power and accepting torment and suffering as an example to the rest of us that the reason we are here is to have a spiritual rebirth...and then to walk through subsequent sufferings as an example to others so they might find the strength to do the same.....The true King, is the one who is committed to serve in the face of hatred, humiliation and loss...because he is possessed of great confidence and faith in the illusions of self-sufficiency and the reality of a cohesive benevolent universal soul.

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