Hey Charles, you seem like someone who might have useful ideas about Marcion. I have tried searching for Marcion combined with "etymology," "meaning" "lexicon" etc and found nothing useful (the sources just call it a name).

I've always thought there was something very fishy about one of the most famous heretics of all time being the FIRST person to supposedly put together some form of "new testament." If that isn't a clue right out in the open, I don't know what is. I just wish I knew what might be hidden in plain sight (if anything).

Anyway, my main question is, do you see any obvious word play in the name Marcion? Can you find any MEANING in the name? After reading two very good books about Marcion, I am wondering if Marcion might be a fictional character (or, at least, the name is made up and applied to someone). After Caesar's Messiah, Marcion is my favorite NT subject.

I recently found that reference works on the net list the pronunciation as "marshuhn," which I interpret into English as "Martian". I had always read it as "MAR see un." The obvious link seems to be the Roman god Mars. Before I had always just seen "Mark" with "ion." I found some references to "ion" as simply meaning "greek" (as in, the ionic Greeks).

Any thoughts?

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