Birth Date of Ramses the Great

Ramses II was only a child of about three years old when declared pharaoh by his father Seti. He ruled for a total of 67 years and died at about the age of 70. Note that the Bible only gives him (Jeroboam II) a reign of 41 years. During the final 12 years, Ramses was effectively in retirement with Meremptah ruling. During the first 14 years Ramses II was the Crown Prince under his father.

41 + 12 + 14 = 67

The age at death attributed to him by Egyptologists is absurd. No one, especially royalty was living into their nineties during this time period.

Ramses II would have been born circa 600 BC. However, as I said before this date still needs to come down by 20 or more years due to padding in the standard chronology during the Ptolemaic and Julio-Claudian dynasties.

I have not studied the chronology after Christ, so cannot say whether we should have any confidence in it or not.

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