Approximate Dates for Solomon/Amenhotep III
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From Chart 29, I've got the end of Ramses II's reign circa 530 BC.

I calculate back 96 years to the end of Amenhotep III's reign:

67 years (reign of Ramses II)
2 years (reign of Seti before electing Ramses II as successor)
1 year (Ramses I)
8 years (Hormeheb)
4 years (Aye)
9 years (Tut)
5 years (Akhenaten, after the death of Amenhotep III)

So the forty year reign of Amenhotep III would be circa 665-626 BC

However, this is going to have to drop somewhat.

5-10 years need to be removed from the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

10-15 years (or more) need to be removed from the Ptolemaic/Hasmonean period.

The Persian chronology is going to be pretty close to that shown in Chart 30. It might be within 5 years of the actual duration, but still some tweaking is necessary.

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Dates for Solomon/Amenhotep III