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Charles , thanks for your kind words , though a small correction. It is not MY site its my colleagues the Thunderbolts team of which I am a very small part. I love this stuff , and you will find the more you learn the more you will be amazed.. I was Doing some research on the Mythical roots of Judaism and Christianity , and your site came up on a Horus The elder search in Google I believe. Im not very knowledgeable about revised chronology accept that its a dang thorny subject. Ive read MOSES IN THE HEIROGYLPHS By Berckley You may be aware that Carbon Dating is worthless. Electrodynamic exposure will change the dating absurdly. The uniformitarian hypothesis , doesn't include gigantic Plasma interaction between large bodies in the evolution of geologic time.

Here's an article which some of my experiments are displayed on electric crater formation. and here is a video of the same:

Have a look at what a lichtenberg pattern is :

And then look at an aerial photo of the grand canyon online!

for more go to:

Anyway get ready to unlearn a lot of stuff my friend ;]

Also I used to run into your stuff alot whan I was studying eisenman's books. Its been a long journey from devoting my whole life to Jesus to , shaking my head at the knowledge it was Titus , or at least nothing like Rome portrays , as in James the Brother of Jesus vs Paul , etc.
The Role playing is a vastly important subject! Man imitated the primordial God King Saturn from the beginning of the rites of Kingship. You will find that several of the numerous gods and goddesses of every culture are the same ones . It only when we stop applying our current environment to the myth do these things show themselves to be obvious.

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