"First Contact"

Plasma Man (James),

Thanks for registering and making "First Contact". I finally know what you were hinting about in your emails and posts over at Caesar's Messiah Forum!!

It's great to hear Velikovsky spoken of in positive terms. I always thought it was despicable the way the scientific community crucified him. I never liked Carl Sagan, but he is almost universally praised. I guess the general public preferred a more comforting view of the Cosmos rather than Velikovsky's nightmarish one.

What I've read on the Thunderbolts site so far looks truly amazing. There is of course a danger in reinterpreting everything in light of a single discovery. There are many dimensions to Myth. But congrats for launching your new forum and with such electric energy!

I have followed the SIS rather loosely over the years. I've had to confine my own research to something manageable. It would be nice to see it connect up and become part of something even bigger.

How did you find out about my site if I may ask? I did not realize that the Catatrophism crowd even knew I existed.

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