Re: Bearded Ladies and the Cosmological Circus

Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue me! Charles, your Duke's or Devil's, and my Tiger's, have now all lost! In French it is "say la vie!"

But, when it comes to beards?

When it comes to beards, especially those which look like "Goats" tufts, we enter an brand new "Domain!"

The use of the term "goat" is, or can be shown to be directly related to the word "Goth!", yes, like in Gothic!

Thus, even those peoples who could not really grow a real "goats,
"Go(a)tee", would make it a rule to at least show one!

But, Charles and ElReb, you must first be willing to move both of your views of the past a lot further into the future!


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