Bearded Ladies and the Cosmological Circus
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I'm all for Comparative Mythology. Obviously there is still much more that can be gained from that discipline. I've also tried to rescue from the Saganites as much from Velikovsky's work as I could. But we can only go so far with Myth or Velikovsky.

As long ago as proto-dynastic Egypt, these legends were unfathomably ancient. Most if not all the major roles such as Geb and Ra were likely just as ancient by that time. The prince that played Geb was expected to take a fall. Ra was expected to go down as well, but in his case make something of a comeback. Eventually, the roles became more and more confused. I doubt it is possible to fully recover them in their purest form and significance.

I do agree there is some urgency in taking Mythology seriously, especially in the sense of recovering the ability to predict recurrring catastrophic events, but this clearly will have to be driven by modern science (even if Mythology can provide some clues). If the ancients also had the ability to anticipate catastrophe, it obviously wasn't entirely sufficient to save them. We'll have to become better than our ancestors if we expect our "Golden Age" to survive.