Goats of a new color.
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The original question was “Can you enlighten me about what the "stick under their chins" means?

Answer: False beards were made of goat’s fur because of several events associated to several myths that related to goats that happen to also have beards.

The entire approach to Ra, Amun, Min, Amun-Ra, Amun-Min and scapegoats all react to the speculative history of the key characters present in the Nile Valley.

Unrelated,currently I am co-authoring a book titled the “Lost Tribe” that does relate to ubiquitous crossings of human cultures, not only from the past but also from outside our Solar System. Understandably, this information does not fit this forum and therefore not presented.

But, apparently you must be unfamiliar with the goals and drives of this “dissection board” where there exists a process of disassembling and observing something that may or may not determine the internal structure of the past, present or future and then attempt to reassemble it into to an understandable fashion.

Your statement “Non-sense the beard /stick is a mythological symbol for the axis mundi” has to be one of the more absurd statements I have ever come across lately.

In effect you have injured your creditability by “Not giving your reasons for your statements.”

Please feel free to form a more brighter Sun.

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