Chronologies of the ancient world

I do agree that chronologies of ancient Egypt or any civilization of the ancient world will never be exact and I concur with you theory on your speculation and correlation between the Pharaoh Akhenaton and the ancient Hebrews. In "my" theory I see the division of the Hebrews into two sects after the supposed "Exodus." Those who were faithful in the deity "Amen" and those who were the faithful in the "Aton." Mr. Pope's theory follows the lines and his assessment of the ancient Hebrews who worshiped the Aton. I, on the other hand have done my studies on those who worshiped "Amen." For sure, and I don't see this as "theory," the ancient Hebrews had a bad habit of changing the names of their peoples "periodically" and can only "assume" WHY. These people from the earliest times of my research, were "ruthless" in their conquering of others in the regions of the Middle East and can only presume they changed the name of their peoples to avoid descendary persecutions over the generations by those who harbored animosity towards their creed. I do find your "theory" (Mr. Pope) interesting and plausible.

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