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Hi Bruce,

Joe's announcement was very much half-baked. The play doesn't stand on its own merits and the scholarly rationale does not appear to be forthcoming. However, Joe had been putting out feelers, which we did not recognize at the time. For example the thread on the ass-headed Jesus,

... and another on the Last Supper painting by Jacopo da Ponte Bassano son of Francesco (de Medici?).

Joe poo-poos the Da Vinci Code theories, but his theory (at least what we know of it) concerning knowledge of bloodlines and Roman origins of the Gospels held in secret seems to be comparable to Priory of Sion speculation.

I think it is far more likely that this knowledge came from within the church rather than from without. Regarding bloodlines, surely every monarch in Europe during the 16th Century knew that they were descended either from the male line of Jesus or that of John the Baptist.

During this period, there was also a renewed interest in the Classics and associated mythologies upon which the Christ story was framed. Some of this knowledge returned to Europe from Arab libraries. The highly liberal era in which the Rovere and De Medici ("merchant") families controlled the papacy allowed these themes to surface for a time.

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