A New Home for Shakespeare

As I mentioned in another thread, I did not intend to discuss the writings of Shakespeare on this forum. However, as a "consciencious objector" to Joe Atwill's new Shakespeare project it has now become necessary. I have taken a strong exception to his claim to a "discovery" relating to Shakespearean authorship and hidden confirmation in Shakespearean writings of Roman authorship of the Gospels.

Supposedly there is "solid scholarship" to back up the claim, but this has not been published. Joe was unwilling to engage in any dialog with me on his forum and has deleted the commentary that I posted there. So, I have reposted it here for all who may be interested in this subject.

The more I dig, the less I am finding the subtitle of Hudson's play, "A Comic Jewish Satire", to be amusing. Granted, the performing arts community is less interested in history than creativity. But from the standpoint of historical inquiry, the play is emerging as an appalling disaster. I'm sorry if my current position offends Joe Atwill fans (which I have also been), but there will be less understanding critics than myself.

Jewish sensitivities have blocked any potential for meaningful interaction on the Caesars Messiah Forum. My feeling is that in the long run it is better to understand the sources of racism than to whitewash them, even with attempts at humor. I don't feel the need to be tricked into accepting Jews, or any other group for that matter. Neither do I think anyone needs to be inoculated against anti-Semitism through the medium of theatre or film. The goal should be to understand the past and break its spell on the present.