Vespatian and Britain

Hi Bruce,

We've only touched on Vespatian's body of work in Britain:

Lucius Junius Silanus, son of Marcus Junius Silanus, was son-in-law of Claudius (married to his daughter Octavia). He attained early questorship and praetorship by favor of Claudius, and was awarded triumphal honors alongside Claudius after the expedition to Britain. After the fall of his mother-in-law Messalina, Lucius was accused of incest with his sister Junia Calvina and forced to commit suicide to clear the way for Octavia to marry Nero the son of Agrippina the Younger, Claudius' new queen. Junia Calvina was exiled from Rome.

We might even suspect that Vespatian was remembered as one of the "saints" in early Britain, as was Joseph of Arimathea (Herod Antipas) and other royals of the time.