Re: Persia 31: The Persian Year of Four Emperors

"It is now clear that Vespatian was no commoner or even an equestrian that worked his way up through the ranks of the military. He was a royal person and the “Year of the Four Emperors” was specifically designed to put him in on the throne by virtue of an elaborate fulfillment of earlier royal history and precedent. Vespatian and his brother Flavius Sabinus were the two elder brothers of Caligula named Drusus and Nero, who had come back from the dead, so to speak. They had been sorely persecuted by Tiberius (along with their father Germanicus), and were presumed to have died under his heavy hand. They had only been removed from potential (immediate) succession by Tiberius and forced to relinquish their royal identities in Rome as a precaution."

Hey Charles, any thoughts on Vespatian's British career?

I read somewhere (Cliff Carrington's site??) that Vespatian spent some time "dealing with" a religious "problem" there: the Druids (all that "resisting the Roman occupation" sort of thing).

Hey, sounds sort of like a preview of the Jewish Revolt !

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