I'll Meet You All the Way, Bossano, Bossano ...
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... you'll never ever have to compromise Bossano, Bossano.

Calling Bossano an "African-American" was even more stupefying. Let's hope this was just an innocent mistake made by a member of the production's volunteer staff!

For the benefit of others, I ocassionally post over at the Caesar's Messiah forum under the alias "Mr. Prancer". The author of Caesar's Messiah, Joe Atwill, recently dropped a bombshell by announcing his new theory that the plays of Shakespeare were written by a "black Jewish feminist" named Aemilia Bossano Lanier. It led to an interesting exchange:

I'm not sure I would want to discuss that material over here, and I urge everyone to NOT cause any trouble over at Caesar's Messiah, pretty please! Joe Atwill promises to post more background information shortly. Until then, for those interested, dust off your Shakepeare plays.