Re: Persia 30: Pericles and the Amarna Revival

You wrote;

"A scion of Herod the Great became emperor of Rome and the founder of a lasting line of Caesars. Pericles was not so lucky in royal fatherhood. His royal heirs went the way of the “plague ravished House of Joseph”. Like Joseph, Pericles fed the people with the surplus grain of Egypt."

I would just like to ask just how you and thousands of other students of history really think that Egypt (where we now think it exists) ever became or was "the bread basket" of Europe or Greece or Italy!

Common sense tells us that only one place in this so called ancient world was "the bread basket of" anyplace? This would be the area of Europe most suited to agriculture, a place of broad plains suitable for the growing of wheat (the corn of ancient Rome)!

This area would include modern Poland, the Ukraine, and other similar areas that co-incide with one another! Thus, there would be no long over water delivery of grain. A trip that could only be successfully completed when the winds were favorable. But, grain from Poland or Ukraine, etc. could easily be brought overland, or via-rivers or sea lanes, thru the Black Sea, etc. to all of these places.

Even today "the bread basket of Europe" exists in the areas mentioned above!