Dog On

The Dogon priests said that Sirius A had a companion star that was invisible to the human eye. They also stated that the star moved in a 50-year elliptical orbit around Sirius, that it was small and incredibly heavy, and that it rotated on its axis.

This explains how modern experts screwed up dating Egyptian history by using the elliptical rising of Sirius A at 1461 years instead of the 50 year elliptical orbit of Sirius B.

The idiot experts have dated Akhenaten at 1335 BC instead of 600 BC making for a 735 year screw up. What this boils down to is that 100% of the BC dates are wrong!

Initially the anthropologists wrote it off publishing the information in an obscure anthropological journal, because they didn't appreciate the astronomical importance of the information.

What they didn't know was that since 1844, astronomers had suspected that Sirius A had a companion star. This was in part determined when it was observed that the path of the star wobbled. In 1862 Alvan Clark discovered the second star making Sirius a binary star system (two stars).

In the 1920's it was determined that Sirius B, the companion of Sirius, was a white dwarf star. White dwarfs are small, dense stars that burn dimly. The pull of its gravity causes Sirius' wavy movement. Sirius B is smaller than planet Earth.

Sirius B is the remaining core of the Supernova of 13000 years ago and is exactly the same size as the Earth.

The Dogon name for Sirius B is Po Tolo. It means star - tolo and smallest seed - po. Seed refers to creation. In this case, perhaps human creation.

By this name they describe the star's smallness. It is, they say, the smallest thing there is.

They also claim that it is 'the heaviest star' and is white in color.

The Dogon thus attribute to Sirius B its three principal properties as a white dwarf: small, heavy, white.

Nommo Description

The Dogon elder, Ogotemelli, describes Nommo as having the upper part as a man and the lower portion as snake; or as having a ram's head with serpent body. [Serpent=DNA]

Amon/Amen = Zeus had the head of a Ram and the body of a man. No one could look upon the face of god with out suffering death therefore Zeus covered himself with a rams skin.

Sheep were killed and sacrificed to the gods but the scapegoat was allowed to live and turned loose in the desert.

Author Robert Temple describes the Nommo as amphibious beings sent to Earth from the Sirius star system for the benefit of humankind. They look like Merfolk; Mermaids and Mermen. [Metaphor: amphibious - referring to the flow of the collective unconscious - creational source].

*The Nommo actually came from Iris which is/was a terrestrial planet that orbits around Sirius B. It is possible that they wore protective gear that gave them this odd looking appearance. Look at modern astronauts! *

Nommo = Ommon = Amon.