Re: Everything We Didn't Know About Mummies

Get over it!!! point taken, my insanity is in full measure lately. I would say that the yard stick by which we measure progress is the Laffer curve....that economic study done during the Reagan admin which assessed wealth distribution....over 90% of wealth is owned by less than 5% of the population... in some societies such as in the US the figures are skewed to greater equity (ie. 90% of wealth controlled by 10% of the pop....others less equitable are 99% controlled by less than 1%).

Regardless, its horific. Eddie mentioned "human nature"....i would agree if we presume human nature is unchangeable, the circumstances will not change. I offer that we have an exceedingly poor understanding of human nature and identity....and its within that disconnect that these evils and inequities brew....

Part of reassembling the puzzle of man's nature is tearing down the weak and faulty understanding of our own cultural history like we have hear at Chez Pope....Sorry to be such a kiss ass Charles...but I get sparked watching you "Tearing the Wall Down".

Power to the people Comrades !!!