Everything We Didn't Know About the Pyramids

Ron, Eddie, Pete:

The modern world totally sucks, except in comparison with previous generations! I agree that the average person today at least has a chance to live better than an ancient king ... yet this is not a web site devoted to contentment but continued progress. Still a lot of room for improvement out there. Look busy, Apophis is coming!

These articles were featured this week over at The Daily Grail -

It takes two pyramids to make an Akhet:

I like the idea that the name Khufu was not original to the 4th Dynasty pharoah, but was the name associated with the pre-dynastic builder/owner. The 4th Dynasty Khufu was merely a refurbisher (with the help of his trusty side-kick Imhotep).

And we're knock, knock, knocking on the door of Imhotep's Tomb, but we can't come in: