Re: Everything We Didn't Know About Mummies

Pete, you wrote (in part);

"I am a bit obsessed with this as, in my opinion, our current system of wealth administration, of which government is a subset, is based on the a flawed understanding of our cultural (and spiritual) may be time to engage in a reevaluation of our current system of darwinian economics....which has to this point produced conitiuing violence and inequity.....common sense tell us something is fundamentally wrong with this picture....question is what is wrong ????"

I question the use of your words "continuing violence?" You have basically just questioned "human nature" it seems. Violence is or at least was a necessary part of life (brutal and short).

"continuing inequity?" Do you presume to state that the average person on this planet is not better off today than a few centuries ago?, or even 75 years ago? It seems to me that you have fallen into a political trap. Real living conditions have improved all over the world (except in a few isolated places) for the last 200 years or more. Even with the "population bomb (explosion) posited by one famous author to overtake us a few years ago, has not materialized, nor has the "new ice age" predicted only 30 or so years ago by climate experts!

Get over it! Things are really better than ever, especially for the average person!