Re: Everything We Didn't Know About the Sphinx

Ron, not sure of your comments...but anyhow. The yardstick I would use to determine the fundamental soundness of a theory is how well it withstands scrutiny, and seemingly contradictory new information and analysis....

The theory of 4th dynasty construction of the giza pyramids and the sphinx does not survive well in consideration of our best guesses of societal and economic infrastructure of that timeframe. The percentage of total economic capacity required to build those projects does not fit well with our best estimates (which themselves may be wildly inaccurate) of the population base nor with the educational systems which would likely have been needed to produce the master craftsman and designers who would have been needed to complete the project.

Why is this important at all....its because an alternative explanation would be that they were the constructs of a more ancient and more advanced culture which lived in the region......if this be the case it has far reaching implications on our current economic and governmental paradigm.