Re: Everything We Didn't Know About 10,000 BC

The compeling part for me is the theory of the sphinx. That the sphinx is a cultural marker for the age of leo (10.5 - 8.5 BCE) in which it was built....more info regarding ancient technological and cultural advancements.

Our continuing turmoil may be rooted in the incorrect presumtion that the beginning of human culture is only 3 to 6 thousand years in the making....and that it is in fact far older....fear lies at the heart of greed and anger which lie at the heart of inequity, poverty, brutality and war.....

Sorry to beat the dead horse...but it is the christ drama.....grandson of Herod The Great ("Real Estate Developer Extraordinaire"), possible rival of a financially (and therefore militarirly) strained Roman Empire....says no to the wealth and the ego job of earthly king of kings.....yes to suferring and service...."Whom does the grail serve?"....that example....the royal blood ("the grail") served the people.....either the king serves the it is supposed to be, but almost never is.....or the people are the possession of the soverign, which it almost always is.....

Well atleast we are in the dawning of the age of love and visionay monetary policy I always say !!!

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